Working Groups – Get Involved!

Here at XR-MK we use working groups to help structure our work outside of specific actions and events.

Working groups help XR-MK build, maintain and administer the infrastructure and momentum to support the front line rebels.

If you see somewhere you can help with, contact us via the email & come join us today!

Arrange training from NVDA to citizens assembly to affinity groups, core to XR-MK region.
Community & Outreach
Liaise, coordinate, champion & lead XR-MK mass mobilisation efforts to support XR UK strategy
Messaging & Media
Providing IT and technical solutions needed to run XR-MK activities. Systems setup and maintenance
Broadcast Media
Filter, curate and broadcast focused & relevant posts, events, announcements (Website, News Letters..)
Make contacts, influencing and making presence felt at the right places in govt Lots of rebels needed
Arranging actions, liaising with authorities, providing support for our brave rebels. Need NVDA trained rebels!
Art, Samba & Red Brigade
Creative art, Samba and Red Brigade to drive our message home Need artists, musicians, actors..