Where do I start… despite COVID-19 restrictions and the guidelines from a government that people should only attend for essential work, HS2 is still ploughing ahead.

In a call with the complaint line duty manager the justification for this is that it is deemed to be “essential work for the company”. What!!.

Well, this essential work takes the form of destruction to ancient woodland, removal of ancient soils felling of trees and tearing up of hedgerow with associated wildlife crime being committed routinely.
Not to mention, HS2 itinerant workers are sent in from all areas of the country to the HS2 sites, a  virulent vector for the transmission of COVID-19.

People within walking distance of the sites are taking their daily exercise to document the destruction and to protest stop the works wherever possible.

For those of you who cannot get out to the sites there is plenty that you could do to stop this heinous project which still does not have notice to proceed from the government.
Given the dire social and economic situation the country is now facing it is increasingly unlikely that this project will ever be finished.

Social Distancing??

Yet every day more money is being thrown at it more of our environment is being destroyed more wildlife is being lost and people are being placed in danger of COVID-19 infection.
on Thursday, 26th bailiffs moved in to evict a protection camp in Crackley Woods despite the government guidelines that no evictions should be taking place. this was an unexpected move as licence for HS2 to enter the wood has not been granted until the 1st of April, the campus and tree dwellers were taken unawares. these campers have been living as an isolated family unit for several weeks. get bailiffs and HS2 security invaded their home. Those who occuoy the tree houses are now being denied food and water.

What can you do – Make contact, complain MAKE A £$%@ NOISE!!!!!

Follow this link to XR call to action for remote rebels.

In it you will find all useful links to:

  • HS2 main construction contractors
  • Sub-contractor company names,
  • Phone numbers and addresses.
  • Ministerial Twitter accounts.

And don’t forget to include your MP in communications where appropriate.

Make your concerns and objections known!

Further HS2 background can be found at StopHS2.org

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