Flying is not a privilege – if you don’t believe me just flap your arms

Reducing flying to an absolute minimum is a crucial and necessary change humanity must make.

We all know this. But even if we leave aside the hard task of winning flyers and the industry over to this cause and just think about the pragmatics its a daunting task. We’d need some kind of policy that is seen as fair, non judgmental and accepted world wide. Underneath all that we’d need a well designed software framework, algorithms, a protocol and all of that plugged into the way the industry works today. None of this is trivial even just from a software engineer perspective.

There are few technical proposal out there that examine this engineering challenge. Here I wanted to draw attention to one such proposal. See the below for the FLAP – ‘a non-judgemental approach to air travel reduction’.

It’s a proposal authored by a close friend and colleague of my. He would certainly be very grateful for any feedback and input. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Flying is not a privilege – if you don’t believe me just flap your arms”

  1. Quarterly revenue up, air miles down. What could be better. Imagine if every company had to report carbon numbers like they do financials.


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