SAT 14TH MARCH – XR-MK Welcomes Gail Bradbrook

In response to COVID-19 our planned event for this Saturday 14th has evolved into an online event, to protect the health of rebels, and our wider communities. 

We apologise for the late changes – we had to think quickly and responsibly, and hope that everyone understands. If you made a donation, we will, of course, refund it if you wish. 

So, please join us for this innovative alternative, where Gail will be sharing her thoughts on COVID-19 and it’s relationship to climate breakdown. We’ll also be discussing UK strategy, the postponed rebellion, adaptation and resilience, and how we can support each other and the vulnerable in our community. Join us for a virtual cup of tea, too, for a Q&A panel on whatever we fancy! 

If you have any questions or topics you want Gail or the group to discuss either add a comment here or send them in ahead of time

Let’s look after ourselves, and each other. Stay well, love and rage, Milton Keynes Rebels

To join via zoom use the links below or join us on the Watch Party

Watch Party

Go to  and hit that “Watch Party” button “

3.00-4.00       House Meeting zoom

4.00-4.50       Strategy, Rebellion adaptation and resilience zoom

5.00-6.00       Q&A Panel Discussion zoom


We will be hold the meeting in the Crown pub in Stony Stratford on the evening of Tuesday 11 Feb. See the list on the event page for details

As normal we will do the new member welcome and induction in the first half an hour and followed by the main meeting. In this meeting we will also run a Peoples Assembly Session to help XR establish its 2020 strategy.

  • 7:00 – 7:30 New Members Welcome and Induction
  • 7:30 – 9:30 Main Members Meeting & Peoples Assembly
  • 9:30 – Drinks in the Pub

The exact agenda is being worked out and will be posted here. Please use the comments section on this page to add any requests.

Hope to see you there!

NVDA via Braiding in the USA

I received this charming message from one of our mailing list subscribers, Frank, based in the USA. Pictured on the left. I asked Frank if I could share it here as his approach and outlook is so unique and it also goes to show how wide spread the XR-MK group is.

For my part,  here in the USA,  I have been observing Fridays for Future steadily for about 3 months by (of all things) BRAIDING!  Yes,  braiding.  I think of it and call it “braiding for climate”.  Perhaps that sounds silly,  but as I explain in a video,  it keeps me,  for the moment “out of trouble”  and doing something actually creative and seemingly pacifist. 
HOWEVER,  on my “costume”  of a farmer’s overalls there is a loop along the leg in which I carry a hammer.   That hammer shows that if all else fails,  I am ready to give up on peaceful protest. 
I recommend that such behaviour be considered elsewhere for now — until Glascow.If interested,  see

Frank Antonson, USA.

To see more from Frank check out his You Tube channel

Members Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Massive thanks to all who prepared, helped and attend the Members Meeting last week – here are the short form minutes.


Mass mobilisation – We are spinning up an XR-MK team and are excited about this new effort so watch this space.

Climate Cafe Update – Has been a great success. This month there is a guest speaker from Planting Up. Check for event details on the event page.

HS2 Protest – Good progress against a strong headwind. Interaction with the policy is intensifying. Please get involved if you can.

Bank Accounts – Majority consensus was that we can consider a high street bank if ethical bank options don’t work.h

Electioneering – Huge effort. Well worth-while. THANK YOU!. 

Lobbying MK Council Task and Finish – Please attend the vigil before the next meeting on the 23rd if you can.

People’s Assembly – T will update as this develops


 New Face Book admins are in place. Internal structure and group roles will be redefined.


 A regular weekly meeting (a steering team) will take place. 

Interaction with other groups currently parked as a task due to bandwidth to perform this role


J to ask A for Express way updates

G to setup weekly meeting

J & G to discuss next steps with Action Network 

J to get resources from L

A to pick up county coordination

J to circulate the closing date for the T&F input (still end Jan?)

K to check need and cost for Public Liability Insurance

G to meet with Parks Trust shortly to discuss planting

ALL – next hourglass will arrive shortly – please help to distribute if you can

M & C to propose dates for NVDA training

J set up zoom call to discuss training needs 

Members Meeting Agenda 08 Jan 2020

Below is the final agenda for this coming Wednesday.

The meeting will be held from 7:30 to 9:30 PM in the Trinity Centre Fishermead. For more information see the Event Details. The main part of the meeting will start at 8:00 sharp.

You can down load the full meeting Agenda & Briefing Document.

 7.30 – 8pmIntro for New Members
 8 – 9.30 pmFull Meeting
1. Check In Welcome new members
Anything to raise?
Prior Actions
2. Practical Arrangements Minutes, Meeting Agreements
10 Principles
Highlight: Meet commitments, address issues when they arise, no blame and shame, slow down yes
3. UpdatesWellbeing
Climate Café
Action HS2, Election Lobbying – Task and Finish
Admin – bank account, Website (inc. engagement stats)
Group roles – changes
People’s assembly task group was set up at last meeting – is anything happening?
Role of county coordination – needs others
Role on local group coordination – any activity? 
Arts – currently mothballed
Training & Outreach – no recent activity – TBC for Jan/Feb
4. Strategy Focusentral XR Updates Current focus: Actions, Lobbying, Unity (culture) and Wellbeing, Networking with Non-XR Groups.Discuss ongoing changes with central XR strategyAgenda item suggested to discuss group structure (coordinators / task based)
5. Training/Events 11th Jan – Banbury (Mass Migration)
14th Jan – Divestment meeting Aylesbury
18th Jan – Luton Airport Action
19th Jan – 2040 screening
21st Jan – Climate Café
23rd Jan – Task & Finish – Energy
NVDA training & DNA training are neededSome details have been shared of ‘Rebel Academy’ to be set up – details awaited

Affinity Group Training
6. AdminComms – Website & updates Emails – Action Network (on hold)
Bank account
Fundraising & reimbursement
New member info – was started but dropped – any volunteers?
7. AOB  
8. Next meeting1st Weds of each month?Are more regular zoom calls needed
9. Check Out  

Flying is not a privilege – if you don’t believe me just flap your arms

Reducing flying to an absolute minimum is a crucial and necessary change humanity must make.

We all know this. But even if we leave aside the hard task of winning flyers and the industry over to this cause and just think about the pragmatics its a daunting task. We’d need some kind of policy that is seen as fair, non judgmental and accepted world wide. Underneath all that we’d need a well designed software framework, algorithms, a protocol and all of that plugged into the way the industry works today. None of this is trivial even just from a software engineer perspective.

There are few technical proposal out there that examine this engineering challenge. Here I wanted to draw attention to one such proposal. See the below for the FLAP – ‘a non-judgemental approach to air travel reduction’.

It’s a proposal authored by a close friend and colleague of my. He would certainly be very grateful for any feedback and input. Thank you!