NVDA via Braiding in the USA

I received this charming message from one of our mailing list subscribers, Frank, based in the USA. Pictured on the left. I asked Frank if I could share it here as his approach and outlook is so unique and it also goes to show how wide spread the XR-MK group is.

For my part,  here in the USA,  I have been observing Fridays for Future steadily for about 3 months by (of all things) BRAIDING!  Yes,  braiding.  I think of it and call it “braiding for climate”.  Perhaps that sounds silly,  but as I explain in a video,  it keeps me,  for the moment “out of trouble”  and doing something actually creative and seemingly pacifist. 
HOWEVER,  on my “costume”  of a farmer’s overalls there is a loop along the leg in which I carry a hammer.   That hammer shows that if all else fails,  I am ready to give up on peaceful protest. 
I recommend that such behaviour be considered elsewhere for now — until Glascow.If interested,  see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BoEkRYXDYE

Frank Antonson, USA.

To see more from Frank check out his You Tube channel

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