Members Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Massive thanks to all who prepared, helped and attend the Members Meeting last week – here are the short form minutes.


Mass mobilisation – We are spinning up an XR-MK team and are excited about this new effort so watch this space.

Climate Cafe Update – Has been a great success. This month there is a guest speaker from Planting Up. Check for event details on the event page.

HS2 Protest – Good progress against a strong headwind. Interaction with the policy is intensifying. Please get involved if you can.

Bank Accounts – Majority consensus was that we can consider a high street bank if ethical bank options don’t work.h

Electioneering – Huge effort. Well worth-while. THANK YOU!. 

Lobbying MK Council Task and Finish – Please attend the vigil before the next meeting on the 23rd if you can.

People’s Assembly – T will update as this develops


 New Face Book admins are in place. Internal structure and group roles will be redefined.


 A regular weekly meeting (a steering team) will take place. 

Interaction with other groups currently parked as a task due to bandwidth to perform this role


J to ask A for Express way updates

G to setup weekly meeting

J & G to discuss next steps with Action Network 

J to get resources from L

A to pick up county coordination

J to circulate the closing date for the T&F input (still end Jan?)

K to check need and cost for Public Liability Insurance

G to meet with Parks Trust shortly to discuss planting

ALL – next hourglass will arrive shortly – please help to distribute if you can

M & C to propose dates for NVDA training

J set up zoom call to discuss training needs 

7 thoughts on “Members Meeting Minutes – January 2020”

  1. This was a real treat of a meeting. Two thoughts for consideration at future meetings:
    Very quick go round at beginning for each person to say just their name;
    3 min each in co-listening pairs to clear our minds, as a step towards embedding listening skills into our lives/XR work?

  2. It was a lively meeting but for me a very difficult one mainly because of my
    poor hearing in spite of hi tech hearing aids. The Trinity Centre is a very noisy venue. This time there was loud music from next door and previously we have had the noise of exuberant youth. I spoke to some other people at the end and they also found the acoustics a challenge.
    Could we all think about finding a quieter venue?

    BAMKING: Our local environmental group on Two Mile Ash also had a bit of a problem finding an alternative bank that would deal with a small voluntary organisation and we ended up with Lloyds Bank which provided useful on line facilities for busy treasurers. There is a bit of paperwork for treasurer and other “officers” but our new treasurer is very happy with the bank.

    • Thanks Stan – very happy to try a different venue. I liked the upstairs room at the Crown, but some don’t like to travel this far. We had a list of possible venues, but i don’t know them to know if they are suitable for meetings, so would be happy to receive suggestions for next time.

  3. Thank you for these succinct minutes and actions. I was glad I came to the meeting and was pleased we covered so much and so effectively. Thank you to Jo for chairing the meeting and all the work that has been done on this website; it feels as if XR-MK is growing into it’s ‘next phase’ and moving forward as it needs to for the immense challenges we face. I would echo Christine’s suggestion of incorporating 3 minute co-listening pairs.


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