Members Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Massive thanks to all who prepared, helped and attend the Members Meeting last week – here are the short form minutes.


Mass mobilisation – We are spinning up an XR-MK team and are excited about this new effort so watch this space.

Climate Cafe Update – Has been a great success. This month there is a guest speaker from Planting Up. Check for event details on the event page.

HS2 Protest – Good progress against a strong headwind. Interaction with the policy is intensifying. Please get involved if you can.

Bank Accounts – Majority consensus was that we can consider a high street bank if ethical bank options don’t work.h

Electioneering – Huge effort. Well worth-while. THANK YOU!. 

Lobbying MK Council Task and Finish – Please attend the vigil before the next meeting on the 23rd if you can.

People’s Assembly – T will update as this develops


 New Face Book admins are in place. Internal structure and group roles will be redefined.


 A regular weekly meeting (a steering team) will take place. 

Interaction with other groups currently parked as a task due to bandwidth to perform this role


J to ask A for Express way updates

G to setup weekly meeting

J & G to discuss next steps with Action Network 

J to get resources from L

A to pick up county coordination

J to circulate the closing date for the T&F input (still end Jan?)

K to check need and cost for Public Liability Insurance

G to meet with Parks Trust shortly to discuss planting

ALL – next hourglass will arrive shortly – please help to distribute if you can

M & C to propose dates for NVDA training

J set up zoom call to discuss training needs