Hunger Strike – Personal plea to support MK Council on 23rd Jan

My friend is now in his 4th week of hunger strike outside the Tory
party headquarters in London. He is a regular person like you and I but has
decided that this is what he is prepared to do and has taken time out of his life
to try to promote the climate emergency by sacrificing his health for all to see. 

Could you please be available to come and stand with me in CMK for an hour
on 23 January (6.00 p.m.-7.00 p.m.). Would you be prepared to do this in
support of my friend and Extinction Rebellion?

The reason for the 23rd is that this is the date of our Councils next meeting around the
climate emergency.

MK council have Declared a Climate Emergency nearly 1 year ago see this link to meeting when this happened

For more details of the event to support MK Council on the 23 rd Jan see the this XR-MK Event

Thanks for taking the time to read this hope to see you on the 23rd Jan
Love and Rage

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