A Letter to Milton Keynes Council

A copy of the correspondence XR-MK Lobbying Working Group have sent to Milton Keynes council.

Dear Council,

On behalf of Extinction Rebellion Milton Keynes (XR-MK) please find attached the Lobbying Group feedback regarding the councils’ sustainability strategy. Please bear in mind that  although we have decided as a group to present this to you, the work is all individual and individuals within XR are ultimately free to make their own decisions and to speak their own truth.

Some of the suggestions we have made may seem challenging but all are achievable if the urgent desire to save our Planet from disaster is truly driving the council’s way of thinking – which it MUST.

We have looked at all the elements of the council’s sustainability strategy and commented where they are lacking as you would expect. We have also noticed some glaring omissions which we feel are essential, especially in ensuring that all the citizens of Milton Keynes are included and are invested in the difficult decisions that will be encountered as time ticks by and the world’s carbon budget is eaten away.

I am sure that you are aware that XR-MK is having a growing presence within council meetings. We see our role to support the council but also to hold it accountable.

I hope that you will find our feedback useful and challenging and we look forward to seeing how the council acts upon our proposals.

Yours sincerely,

The Lobbying Group, on behalf of Extinction Rebellion Milton Keynes


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